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  • WINDPROOF & 360° FLEXIBLE NECK DESIGN: Upgraded windproof design can resist strong winds. No naked flame design, no fear of bad weather. The candle lighter has a 360-degree bendable design and is suitable for various candles. All in all, It is a good tool for outdoor use
  • EXCELLENT SAFETY PERFORMANCE: In order to protect your safety, when we designed this electric lighter , we specially added double safety switch control to avoid accidental touch, so that you can use it more safely
  • USB PORTABLE CHARGING: Universal charging port, computer, charging treasure, car charging all can be used. The USB lighter also has a charging capacity indicator to facilitate understanding of the charging process
  • PORTABLE & VERSATILE: The long lighter can not only be used to light different kinds of candles, but also has many other uses, for example you can use the grill lighter for camping, barbecue and lighting gas stoves and so on
  • SAFER AND MORE ECO-FRIENDLY: The plasma lighter is not the same as the traditional oil and gas. Intelligent pulse ignition, to avoid users from being troubled by oil fumes during use, more safe, and also protect the environment

2 Year Quality Guarantee

We know we have the best Electric Lighters in the world. We stand behind that strongly. Our proven track record gives our lighters a lifetime of over 2 years with the proper care.

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- Our engineers built-in a battery indicator so you'll always be able to keep an eye on your charge level.

- No refills are needed. Simply use the included USB charging cable.

- 2 hours of charge lasts up to 2 weeks.

- "Torch Lighter" is the only exception that requires butane refills and is not battery powered.

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